Is #CoupleChallenge- A Privacy Ending Trap for Facial Surveillance?

The latest social media trend which had gone viral was the #CoupleChallenge, wherein thousands of people from around the world have been sharing photographs with their partners or spouses on Fcebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

However with a note of concern law enforcement authorities in India has warned users against sharing their images online after receiving complaints from people whose pictures and personal information were misused by cyber criminals.

According to reports, Pune Police posted a cautionary message on its official Twitter handle, warning social media users to “think twice before you post a picture with your partner.” “A ‘cute’ challenge can go wrong if not cautious! #BeAware,” the tweet read.

In its recent Twitter post, the Pune police warned users to think twice before sharing their pictures on social media as they may be morphed, edited or used for pornography and other cyber crimes. “Couple Challenge is again trending on social media. Just an awareness these pics may misuse for morphing, revenge porn, deep fake, etc related cyber crime,” the tweet read.