The Fascinating Caves of Meghalaya

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Meghalaya offers a variety of caves for you to explore. This abode of clouds houses a number of caves that can give you some interesting and insightful experiences. Enter these caves, and your curiosity is bound to wake up. If you think what’s so interesting about caves, then add the caves of Meghalaya in your list because caves are not just dark and scary tunnel with unknown ending. The fascination will be experienced once you step inside these caves. Caves og Meghalaya are unique in many ways. Some have colours that probably you never expected inside a cave while some are fully lighted. For this edition, let’s explore some of the caves of Meghalaya that will give you an idea for your post-covid trip to Meghalaya. You can trip now and travel later!

Mawsmai Cave

The village of Mawsmai nestles about 6kms from the Sohra market to the south. The village lies in the direction of Bangladesh border. This cave is one the most popular caves in the state. Before the cave, one can pass the grasslands surrounded by forests which in a clearing. From there, one can see a concrete pathway which leads to the main entrance of the cave. The most fascinating aspect of this cave is that it is fully lighted. The formation of the cave is impressive ad intriguing consisting of huge chambers and passages.

Krem Dam

The entrance of this cave can be found at the foot of a large blind valley about 1km to the east of Mawsynram village. It has an impressive 30 metre wide entrance. The pathways and side pathways of the cave are a bit complex and puzzling. There’s a stream that runs down the valley entering the cave. The cave almost looks like that of sandstone but is actually formed in a coarse grained kind of limestone. There’s a large river passage that ends in the roof collapse. It is the point where one can see daylight.

Synrang – Pamiang

This cave is considered to be one of the longest caves in India. It has a 7.63 km long meandering stream way. The formation of this cave is quite diverse with tints of blue, gray, white, red, orange, black and green. It’s a sheer treat to the eyes being surrounded by so many hues inside a cave. The cave has a total of five entrances along with a well-decorated chamber popularly known as the ‘Titanic Hall’. What adds to the beauty of this chamber is the sight of the scattered cave pearls lying on the floor.

Siju Cave

This cave will give you an experience like no other. To explore this cave, be prepared to make your way through knee-deep waters. Hence, it would not be bad idea to carry an extra pair of clothes with you. The passages and chambers of this cave is a bit dark hence guidance is highly recommended while exploring this mesmerizing cave. It is located on the lateral side of the Simsang river near the Naphak lake. The stalagmites and stalactites formations of the cave is worth exploring which makes it a must-visit location in the state. This cave is also known as Bat cave as it houses different species of bats as well.

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