New Motor Vehicle Rules to Come into Effect from Oct 1, Details Inside


With the various amendments in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, the new rules will come into place effective October 1.

As per the official release, the use of IT services and electronic monitoring will result in better enforcement of Traffic Rules in the country and will lead to removing harassment of drivers and would facilitate the citizen.

Here are key things to know about the changes in motor vehicle rules:

As per the PTI, mobile phones can be used only for route navigation, in such a way that drivers don’t lose their concentration while driving.

Vehicular documents that are validated electronically shall not be demanded in physical form anymore. Including cases in which the offense made out necessitating seizure of any such documents, the notification stated.

The details of license disqualification shall be updated chronologically on the portal. The record shall be updated on the portal regularly.

Not only would driver records be maintained electronically, but their behavior would be thoroughly monitored as well.

The records on the portal would be updated every time they are inspected. The identity of the police officer or any other stakeholder would be noted on the official portal.

Drivers are permitted to maintain their vehicular documents on the central governments’ online portal like Digilocker or m-parivahan.

As per the official release, the government said these amendments would better enforcement and monitor traffic rules, leading to decreased driver harassment and improved road safety.

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