Sikkim artist wins ‘Women with COPD Art Contest’

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Sikkim artist Deo Prasad Rai was recently announced as the winner of the ‘Women with COPD Art Contest’ for his masterpiece- ‘My Grandma’.

The winning piece ‘My Grandma’, by Rai represents the artist’s grandma – 74-year-old Chandra Maya, who has been suffering from shortness of breath and chronic cough as a result of her COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) for many years. She was a long-term smoker, but while playing with her grandchild Ningwa she avoided smoking so that she did not put Ningwa at an increased risk of developing COPD in later life. The grandma’s unwell face in the painting portrays the suffering of women with COPD, stated the organizers on its website.

As per local reports, Deo Prasad Rai had come up with the artwork as a tribute to his late grandmother Chandra Maya earlier this year before the contest entries started. His grandmother had passed away one year back.

The result was announced on World Lung Day (25 September 2020).

The Women with COPD Art Contest was launched earlier this year in collaboration with Andrew McIvor from the Firestone Institute of Respiratory Health. The aim of the competition was to improve the representation of women with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), who have historically been underrepresented compared to men.

The ‘Women with COPD Art Contest’, an international online thematic artwork contest organised by the European Lung Foundation.

Deo Prasad Rai will receive a commission of 5000 euros to produce a series of artwork representing women with lung conditions.

As per the organizers, among the 56 entries, a judging panel of women with COPD, respiratory healthcare professionals and world-renowned artists selected the top five artwork. Since the beginning of September 2020, people have been voting for their favourite piece in a public vote.  More than 7,000 people voted, and ‘My Grandma’ received the most votes.

23-year-old Rai who hails from Rimbi Timbrong, Yuksam-Tashiding in West Sikkim was recently congratulated by Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang.

“I am happy to learn that Deo Prasad Rai’s ‘My Grandma’ has been announced as the winning piece of the ‘Women with COPD Art Contest’, an International online thematic artwork contest organised by the European Lung Foundation. I take this opportunity to congratulate him for the noble cause of raising awareness through his artwork and hope he progresses further and wish him all the success in life,” said Tamang in a Facebook post.

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