Hathras Gangrape Case: ‘Sex Is a Natural Urge in Men’, Says Ex-Supreme Court Judge


Post the spine chilling incident of gang-rape and brutal murder of a 19-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras which shocked the entire nation, former Supreme Court judge of India Markandey Katju said that “Sex is a natural urge in men. It is sometimes said that after food, the next requirement is sex.”

Condemning the heinous crime, Katju shared a lengthy post about the Hathras gang rape and said that ‘sex is a natural urge in men’. While calling for a harsh punishment of the culprits, the former SC judge also spoke about the interrelation between rising unemployment and rapes in a conservative society like India.

His post read: “I condemn the Hathras gang rape, and call for harsh punishment of the culprits.

However, having said that there is one aspect which also needs to be considered.

Sex is a natural urge in men. It is sometimes said that after food, the next requirement is sex.

In a conservative society like India, one can ordinarily have sex only through marriage. But when there is massive and rising unemployment, a large number of young men cannot marry ( as no girl will ordinarily marry an unemployed man ). Consequently a large number of young men remain deprived of sex, even though they have reached an age when it is a normal requirement.

The population of undivided India before 1947 was about 42 crores. Today India alone has about 135 crore people, which means there has been a fourfold increase in population. But the number of jobs increased are far less than fourfold. In fact it is believed that in June 2020 alone 12 crore Indians lost their jobs. Therefore will there not be increase in rapes ?

I once again make it clear that I am not justifying rapes, rather I condemn it. But considering the situation prevailing in the country they are bound to increase.

So if we really want to end or reduce rapes we have to create a social and economic system in India in which there is no or little unemployment.

I reiterate, I condemn the gang rape, and call for harshest punishment of the culprits.”

The tweet by the former judge which garnered 2.2K Likes and 6.1K replies witnessed series of disatisfication by such a sound person.

Netizens took to the social media and lambasted the is series of tweets.

One of the twitterite wrote “Sir, Employment and marriage doesn’t transform animal to gentleman. Marial Rape will rise which is not identified as offence yet. Devoid of feelings, Make them Male Escorts (regulated legally). They will have employment as well as their sex hunger will be their profession.”

Another one wrote, “If sex is a natural urge then learn to f***ing control it Slightly smiling face Peeing is a natural urge to. You don’t see people walking around and peeing in then middle of the road while murdering a dog do you?”

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