International Coffee Day Observed at The Chocolate Room Tezpur


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International Coffee Day was celebrated in The Chocolate Room Tezpur with an aim to create awareness on the fair trade of coffee and to appreciate the hard work of the Coffee Farmers as well as the other people associated with the coffee industry. With an aim to create awareness among people about the day an online dessert making contest using coffee was also organised in collaboration of Tezpur Food Bloggers and Axomia Nabaprajanma and Tezpur Buzz.

Notably, International Coffee Day is observed to pay tribute and celebrate the efforts of the millions of people associated with the coffee business across the globe. In the year 2015, the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) launched the first coffee day in Milan to promote the fair trade of coffee. Coffee is one of the most traded food products in India. Across the country, there are approx. 250,000 coffee farmers and accounts for around 4.5 per cent of global production.

Rajashree Goswami, Co-Owner of The Chocolate Room, said “There is a coffee for every mood and each of these special coffees is known for their distinct flavour and aroma. To prepare a consumable cup of coffee unique processing technique and hard work is required. On this special occasion we, The Chocolate Room Tezpur would like to display our tribute to the hard work of farmers, roasters, brewers and all the shops and cafés who are engaged in preparing world’s one of the most loved beverage.”

Adding to this Anup Sinha, Co-Owner of the café said, “Whether Espresso, Americano, Lattes or Cappuccinos; iced, decaf, instant or filter, to prepare each cup of coffee it takes a lot of hard work and brew. International Coffee Day is a special day in the year where we would like to honour all the people engaged in the coffee industry.”

On this occasion, The Chocolate Room Tezpur also announced their collaboration with the organisation Mitti Ke Rang in their campaign “Million Candles” to support the livelihood of the grassroots women entrepreneurs. Also, they announce about their work from Café concept, where people can come and work in the café enjoying free Wi-Fi and food at a minimal cost. At the event all the members of Tezpur Food Bloggers Anisha Baruah, Sonakshi Deka, Mousumi Kalita and Faujia Kausar were present. A prize distribution ceremony was also held maintaining all the COVID 19 protocols.

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