Mission to Make Guwahati the Most Cycling Friendly City by 2030

Guwahati has seen a tremendous increase in the number of people who have started cycling. This was primarily driven by the covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown. With the systematic unlock process the benefits that people had acquired through cycling and an active lifestyle needs to be encouraged so that they keep on cycling.

To reap the benefits of cycling like reduced pollution and congestion, in Guwahati, the need of the hour is to promote cycling as a mode of transport. To make this possible we need to impress upon the government to create cycling infrastructure across the city, encourage more people to take up cycling, spread awareness among other motor vehicle users to respect cyclists, educate cyclists to respect traffic rules and much more.

Keeping this in mind the Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati with the support of Pedal for a Change is building a team of passionate people, called the Bicycle Councillors of Guwahati, who will work together on the above aspects and much more to make cycling as a mode of transport – safe, accessible and aspirational among all sections of the society.

Any Indian citizen and a resident of Guwahati between the ages of 18 to 65 can join the team as a Bicycle Councillor representing their ward. There are 31 municipal wards in the city and 31 bicycle councillors will be selected by a panel of conscientious citizens of Guwahati.

The position of Bicycle Councillor is honorary / voluntary, non-political and temporary (tenure of 2 years) in nature. It is an internationally recognised program endorsed by BYCS (www.BYCS.org) – the Amsterdam based social enterprise which appoints Bicycle Mayors in cities across the world. Guwahati will be the third city in India to have Bicycle Councillors after Bengaluru and Mumbai.


People who are desirous of working together with the Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati and Pedal for a Change to make ground level changes are invited to join the program.

To know more about the program and apply interested people can check out the link below https://www.pedalforachange.org/bicycle-councillors-of-guwahati

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