Assam: ‘Pothor Puthibhoral’ installed in Charaideo District

NET News Desk

With an intent to serve the society with the gift of knowledge one, Anindita Gogoi from Charaideo District has come up with the noble idea of constructing a small roadside library.

Her endeavour came to limelight after she posted about her initiative on Facebook. In her Facebook post, it has been mentioned that the roadside library has been built near Nefa Aali road, which was built during the reign of Ahom king Swargadeo Gadadhar Singha.

The roadside library consists of a few special books of various genres that will be useful for both children and adults. Moreover, the books will be replaced by another set of books every week.

“Along with this, in our ′′Pothor Puthibhoral′′ (Roadside Library) we have made an effort to keep the newspaper of the day as well as the magazines of the month,” Gogoi wrote in her post.

The books are stored in a small cabinet with a shed over it and a small bench to sit, relax and devour through the various kinds of books, periodicals and newspapers.

She further urged the residents of the nearby areas Sonari and Sapekhati to take initiative and build more such roadside libraries and assured her support for the same.