Assam-Bound Chopper From Arunachal Makes Emergency Landing in Bhutan

Skyone Airways operated Guwahati-bound private chopper was forced to make an emergency landing in Bhutan when the pilot noticed a technical fault after take-off from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

According to reports, the chopper made an emergency landing after the pilot noticed a fire warning signal in the cockpit, government sources said.

The incident took place when the chopper was flying over Bhutan. Meanwhile, all 14 passengers and five crew members are safe.

As per protocol, the crew released fire extinguishers in the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). But because of the fire warning, they had to land in the nearest airport or a helipad as per the standard operating procedure.

Later the chopper, Skyone MI-172, landed at Bhutan’s Nganglam helipad.

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