ATDC Chairman Felicitates Food Photographers on World Food Day


Chairman of Assam Tourism Development Corporation, Jayanta Malla Baruah, presented the awards to the winners of the Ethnic Food Photography Contest organized by Guwahati Foodie on the occasion of World Food Day.

The event took place in the premises of the Assam Paryatan Bhavan, the head office Assam Tourism Development Corporation. With its rich and diverse heritage, Assam is a prime location for the development of Culinary Tourism. And this concept was kept in mind while organizing this Ethnic Food Photography Contest.

Guwahati Foodie is one of the largest food related communities of Northeast India. On the occasion of the World Food Day, a Food Photography Contest was organized among the members of the community. The entries had to be dishes from the state of Assam and the recipes had to be mentioned. And to focus on the tourism aspect, the hashtag of Assam Tourism , #AwesomeAssam was made mandatory for participation.

With its diaspora of ethnic and cultural groups, the state of Assam is very rich in both ingredients and methods of cooking. A state where the food habits change every season, Assam is growing up to be a hub of Culinary Tourism in the country.

The Chairman also gave a message about trying the traditional cuisines of the region on the occasion of World Food Day.

This initiative to promote Ethnic Food of the state was supported by Barbeque Nation, Fat Belly, Momo Ghar, Freshdo, Raja Mircha, Guwahati Dhaba , Tanduurz by Oriental Bistro and Discover East.

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