HRDOYH commits to connect Assamese Textile Globally, urges to uplift artisan and weavers of Assam.

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To connect the skills of the weavers to the modern consumers HRDOYH an artisanal silk brand has launched their Fall-winter 2020 collection on Thursday in Guwahati.

HRDOYH is an artisanal silk brand born out of a need for a smart and timeless design that transcends trends, HRDOYH is committed to the use of local craftsmanship combined with top quality natural fabrics such as silk to create a collection of accessible luxury pieces. All products are made using ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes.

Founder Parishmita Das started HRDOYH in the year 2019 and is very attached to the sericulture of Axom. On the occasion, she said “We are a clear representation of Assamese heritage and its nonchalant simplicity. We aim to preserve Assam silk and reinterpret it in a contemporary way.”

“As a brand, we firmly believe in purpose over profit and support the upliftment of local communities. It’s necessary to build businesses that also give back to our communities. We source our silks from some of the best weaving destinations of Assam. Our muga comes from Dhemaji and Dhakuakhana where we source it directly from home based weavers. These weavers are mostly women, despite being engaged in various household activities through the day, and are likely to spend some time on their looms everyday,” she added.

Parishmita stands by the idea of “handmade by people not factories”. HRDOYH pieces indicate durability, reliability as well as good appearance and features because the fabric has been woven by local weavers and tailored by artisans giving every piece of clothing an emotional touch. You may find variations in motifs, designs and embroideries, making HRDOYH uniquely yours.

She also mentioned that, “Overall, we create collections of pieces that contribute to the conscious of green and circular economy. We believe the focus should really be on buying less and wearing what you own over and over again, rather than buying too much cheap, disposable clothing. Hence HRDOYH brings the pleasure of creating well-made, and lasting clothes.”

HRDOYH textiles are made in the homes of these talented women who consider weaving as part of their domestic duty and silk pieces are culturally attached, as well as functional, traditional and socially symbolic and significant.

HRDOYH has an array of clothes including some statement muga blazers, Paat silk dresses and Eri shirts. The direct manual contribution of our artisan spinners and weavers remains the most beautiful component of the finished product. Overall, as a sustainable brand HRDOYH wants to connect Assamese textiles to customers globally.



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