Guwahati Traffic Police Issues Guidelines for Vehicular Movement During Durga Puja

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The Guwahati traffic police administration has issued traffic guidelines for the ensuing Durga Puja festival to be started from October 22.

The guidelines for the traffic diversion during Durga Puja are as follows:

A section of roads will be maade one-way. The roads of Kumarpara, Paltan Bazaar, Pandu, Bishnupur, Ganeshguri, Panbazaar will be made one way. The Beltola-Joyanagar path has also been declared one-way and the Bhetapara to Beltola path has been made one-way

AT Road will be a ‘No Parking’ area

There will be a time-period for the entry of goods-carrying vehicles. The vehicles will not be allowed to enter the city from 1 PM to 4 AM. The heavy vehicles will be allowed to enter the city from 2 AM to 4 AM

The city bus routes will also be diverted during the period. No bus from Sixmile will be allowed to enter the city

Trackers and Tempo will not be allowed on RP Road

Buses will not be allowed to enter the city from the Jalukbari side

There will be restrictions in the immersion of idols. Only idols carrying vehicles will be allowed at MG Road on Dashami. No other vehicles will be allowed in MG Road on Dashami.

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