Premiere | Floors Have Ears- In Conversation with Subhasish Das, Writer & Producer

Budding film maker from Guwahati, Assam speaks candidly of his experience, conceptualizing and shooting the film, ‘Floors Have Ears’.


1. What is this film about?

The film is about a boy who falls in an unexpected circumstance that could change his life thereafter. It is about how you become a part of a situation unknowingly, and there is no escape. A murder thriller short film, showcased through sound!

2. What genre does this film fall under?

The film falls under the genre of Drama and Sub-genre of Thriller.

3. Can you share an anecdote from behind the scenes of this film?

The shooting of the film was quite interesting yet it was challenging. It is something new that we have tried to portray. Here, we are showing a murder through sound, while the lead character has to follow the murder, and hence, we had to measure the amount of movement of the lead character according to the reference sound that has been coming from the apartment floor below.

In order to offer the film an added noir-ish appeal, we have created lights, a mixed palette of blue and red. The room was fabricated with these lights and thus, the end product comes out to give you a sense of thrill.

Overall, the film has taught us many technical aspects and we still cherish those midnight hardships on the set.

4. What inspired you to make this film?

Well, in real life, the lead character in the film is actually myself. You can say, it is a biography of sort. In summer days, I always prefer to sleep on floor, especially when you room is on top floor with terrace on top. Imagine the heat! Whatever the character does in the film, is a direct replica of my action on the floor. And one day, when I was sleeping with my head turned towards floor, I discovered the sounds coming from the floor beneath, all those sound of people speaking and daily chores. Meanwhile, I was also thinking of a story for this MRR Rode Film Contest, and that’s how I landed to tell this story, turn the live situation into a fictional narrative of a murder through sound.

5. What message would you like to convey to the audiences of this film?

We often break our head in search of story, but stories can be found from our own experiences. It’s right there, surrounding you. You just need to connect the dots and tell the story in your own way.

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