Things You Should Do If You Have a Knee Problem


Knee problems are caused mostly due to trauma, misalignment of bone and joints degeneration. It is the most common joint problem case recorded, especially in the elderly category. Knee problems like a ruptured ligament or a torn cartilage may occur due to an injury or an accident. Arthritis, gout, or infections may also be a reason. The symptoms of knee problems may vary. Generally, swelling, stiffness, inability to straighten the knee or weakness in the knee, popping noises while standing, or sitting activity, and redness or warm feelings near the knee, are the signs of a knee problem. While suffering from a knee problem, avoid taking too much rest and go for cardio exercises like swimming, walking, or stationary cycling, weight training, and stretching. As a home remedy for minor knee injuries, the use of RICE therapy is beneficial. That involves – taking some rest, applying ice, using compression bandages, and keeping the knee elevated. You can have knee problems due to having an overweight. Try to lose some to avoid knee stress. The other things that you must consider are: using acupuncture, wearing shoes with cushioned insoles, use an ice bag for a cold compress, take a warm bath, and use a heating pad or a warm towel for hot compress. Don’t try jarring exercises like jumping or kickboxing. For better advice, consult a doctor.

Knee Problems and Remedies

Knee pain can be due to an injury or a mechanical problem. People from a sports background, generally suffer from Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL injury, where the ACL may be completely, or partially torn or stretched, due to sudden activity. The other common knee injuries include Fracture to the knee or Patella due to a sudden fall and Torn Meniscus due to carrying heavyweight. Overstressing the patellar tendon may result in Jumper’s Knee injury. One of the general mechanical problems is the Osteoarthritis caused due to movement of loose bodies in the synovium, the joint liquid, around the knee harming the articular ligament. Overweight can result in hip or foot pain due to excess stress with walking or performing activities. Some other mechanical problems include Iliotibial band syndrome and a dislocated kneecap.

Due to wear and tear of the cartilage in the knee, most of the old age people suffer from Osteoarthritis. Most of the joints in the body suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is the worst of its kind and is exceptionally painful. At times, some calcium-containing crystals are formed in the joint liquid resulting in pseudogout, which is another reason for knee pain. Due to infection in the knee joint, a person can suffer from redness, swelling and fever. These kinds of knee problems are ed Septic Arthritis. Other causes of knee pain may be gout. An initial minor knee injury, or pain, can be reduced with some home remedies, such as a hot and cold compress. But even if the problems persist, then it is better to take expert advice.

Another remedy besides consuming high-power medicines is consulting a physiotherapist. Try physiotherapy for knee pain from an expert physiotherapist. It can provide an absolute cure and pain relief. They read the entire details of the patient’s condition and then suggest appropriate exercises. When a patient is suffering from knee pain due to some reason, he/she must not perform any strenuous exercise. Taking a complete rest is also not a solution to knee joint pains. Therefore an expert knowledge is needed. Physiotherapy charges are affordable in comparison to several medical treatments these days. They help people belonging from any age groups and offers advice according to health conditions. Finding a physiotherapist in your area is now made easy with Google. You can also prefer references from patients undergoing physiotherapy.

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