India ranks 131 in global mobile internet speed, Worse than Pakistan, Nepal

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In the recent Speedtest Global Index by Ookla for mobile internet speed, India has ranked 131. The nation’s ranking is way behind than the neighbouring countries including Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Korea.


It seems that India’s surging market for mobile phones and 4G data users has not helped in taking the country up in terms of data speed. India’s average mobile download speed is 12.07 Mbps, much lower than the global average of 35.26 Mbps, according to the index for September 2020.


The index puts India at the 70th position in terms of fixed broadband speed, a surge of two spots from the last time. Singapore claimed the first spot out of the 175 countries with the fastest fixed broadband speed of 226.60 Mbps.

According to Ookla’s Global Index, South Korea ranks number one with an average mobile data speed of 121 Mbps. Neighbouring countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China have all fared better than India in mobile data speed. The global average of mobile upload speed is 11.22Mbps and average latency is 42ms while India’s average upload speed is 4.31 Mbps and latency is 52ms.


The Speedtest Global Index compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis. The data for the index comes from the hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speedtest every month.

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