Mizoram Will Not Withdraw Forces from Assam Border: Minister Lalchamliana

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Mizoram Home minister Lalchamliana has said that the government would not withdraw its forces from the state border with Assam till normalcy returns.

The Home minister’s assertion came a day after Assam’s Cachar district administration asked the Mizoram government to withdraw its forces from the border areas.

Lalchamliana, while speaking to media reiterated that the Mizoram government accepted the demarcation notified in 1875 under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) of 1873 as the actual boundary of Mizoram and Assam.

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  • All the movements of Mizoram forces were within Mizoram State, they don’t cross the border. If they withdraw from nearby the border, the Cachari will come back inside Mizoram to encroached the land and to destroy cultivation and property belonging to Mizos.

  • Dennis Lalrinmawia
    November 2, 2020 2:19 pm

    Mizoram didn’t deploy the armed forces in Assam,it deployed inside Mizoram only..

  • Mizoram didn’t deploy it’s forces in Assam


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