Donald Trump Jr shares map showing India voting for Joe Biden, excludes Northeast and J&K

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Ahead of the final verdict of the US Election Donald Trump Jr-  the eldest son of US President Donald Trump stirred controversy while predicting poll results of the 2020 presidential elections, In a widely ridiculed tweet, he shared an image of a world map that does not show Jammu and Kashmir as part of the Indian territory. The whole of the northeastern region was also excluded.

The image depicted most countries shaded in red to show that Trump Sr is headed for victory in these regions. ‘Red colour’ is the Republican party’s colour. However, the map left out some countries like India, China in blue, indicating that they will be supporting the Democratic Party candidate i.e. Joe Biden. Apart from almost the entire world the map also marked two water bodies- Russia and Antartica as red.

Trump jr tweeted, “Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction. #2020Election #VOTE”

So far, the tweet received around 57.1K retweets and 123.7K likes

The widely ridiculed map has faced a backlash from India Twitteratis as well. Congress MP Sashi Tharoor taking a jibe at PM Narendra Modi tweeted, The price of Namo’s bromance: Kashmir & the NorthEast cut off from the rest of India, &the whole “filthy” place relegated by Don Jr to the realm of hostiles, along with China&Mexico. So much for the crores spent on obsequious serenading stadium events!”

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah reacting to the tweet said, “So much for the friendship with Trump Senior,” he tweeted. “Junior has placed India firmly with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris though interestingly Jr. believes J&K and the NorthEast go against the rest of India and will vote Trump. Someone needs to take his colouring pencils away.”

Democratic Party candidate and former vice president Joe Biden is taking on Republican Party’s nominee and incumbent President Donald Trump. California Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence are their respective running mates. Biden is ahead of Trump in the overall Electoral College vote tally.

At 11 am IST, Joe Biden had 223 electoral votes against Donald Trump’s 145. A candidate needs 270 votes to win the presidency.

As per reports, the US is heading for a historic election with the voter turnout indicating the largest participation in a century. According to the United States Election Project, in at least six states — Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Washington State — the turnout has been more than what we saw in the 2016 polls.

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