US Election 2020: Biden Edges Closer to Projected Electoral Victory

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Voting has closed in the United States, Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit to stop vote counting in Georgia, a campaign official said.

Meanwhile, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has expressed confidence that he will win the election and has enough states in the bag to reach the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

His statement came as he was projected to win the critical battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin, taking his tally to 253. He also holds narrow leads in swing states of Nevada and Arizona, while President Donald Trump leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

Biden has also won at least three of four of Maine’s electoral votes, according to projections, to widen his slim lead over Trump in the race to reach 270 votes needed to win the presidential election.

Trump and Biden are now focused on the three Northern industrial states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — that could prove crucial in determining who wins the White House.

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