HYC NEHU Unit And HYC Education Cell expresses concern over the continuation of Prof Srivastava as VC

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The Hynniewtrep Youth Council, HYC NEHU Unit and HYC Education Cell expressing concern over the continuous fall in the academic, administrative and financial integrity of NEHU questioned the continuation of Professor S. K. Srivastava as the Vice-Chancellor of the North East Hill University.

In a press statement issued by the council, it stated, “It is most unfortunate for the state of Meghalaya and northeastern region that inspite of expiry of his term, Prof.S.K.Srivastava is permitted to continue in the post of VC. Is NEHU now a dumping ground for term expired failed VC to continue and vitiate the academic atmosphere of NEHU?”

The HYC demands that Prof.S.K.Srivastava should be defenestrated and he should resign and return to his parent university in Manipur. The reason being his term got over and he has no business to continue.

“Prof.S.K.Srivastava violated all rules of seniority as given in NEHU statute. It is also an established principle to follow one man one post policy in NEHU. But Prof.S.K.Srivastava appointed his favourite cronies and paid them an extra allowance,” it said.

The council further alleged that Prof. S.K.Srivastava succeeded in introducing practices that violate General Financial Rules.

It further demanded an enquiry in the university during the tenure of Srivastava. “The whole process of awarding work during five years tenure of Prof.S.K.Srivastava needs to be thoroughly investigated. As audit reports are not placed in the University court, so there is no transparency in financial transactions of the University under the regime of Prof.Srivastva,” said the press statement.

“Prof.S.K.Srivastava applied for continuation of his term beyond his tenure. So he now continues as a caretaker VC much to the detriment of the University, as deep pockets and speed money flourish in an academic institution in the most reckless way,” it added.

Talking about  Prof.S.K.Srivastava’s high handed and arbitrary style of running the University, the Council claimed that “This created a culture of sycophancy and undermining of merit and credible work. Not only all the basic norms and standards are violated, but also NEHU faces a grave crisis in every front.”

NEHU, being the earliest central university of Northeastern region could not have been in such a degraded state had it been in able hands. In the last three terms since 2005, NEHU has gone down and never recovered.

It said that NEHU needs a qualified home grown local Professor from the university community who can take care of interests of tribal students and people of the state and the region. Also, NEHU needs a balanced and healing touch, which can come in all likelihood from someone who can take every segment of teachers along and create a good collegial sense of harmony and co-ordination among teachers and researchers coming from various backgrounds so that NEHU can again get back its past glory and height.

Hence they demanded immediate removal of present stalemate and replacement of the failed team of Prof.S.K.Srivastava so that NEHU can have a better and cleaner future.

“Apart from this, from among Professors from the local community including home grown NEHU Professors, who may have an instant ability to carry along all sections of teachers and students to the common goal of transforming NEHU into an excellent academic institution could be considered for the next incumbent of VC in NEHU. Not only leader in his/her own specialized field of research, but those are in a unique position of creating a research ambience with cutting edge contributions in various disciplines that are relevant today for the Pandemic and post-pandemic world could also be considered,” the statement read.

The HYC also appeals to local scholars, intellectuals and members of civil society to rise up and build NEHU again.



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