After 172 Days Fire at Baghjan Gas Well Finally Doused

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After 172 days of disastrous blowout, the flame atop the Baghjan Well no 5 has been successfully doused.

OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika informed media persons that the blowout well has been killed with brine solution and the situation is now under control. “Fire has been doused completely. There is no pressure in the well now and the situation will be observed for the next 24 hours, especially to check if there is any amount of gas migration and pressure build-up,” Hazarika said, adding, further operation to abandon the well is in progress.

According to reports, the operation was headed by the eight-member global experts’ team along with OIL senior officials from the crisis management team (CMT).

The development came almost 12 days after the 60 tonnes of snubbing unit from Canada’s Calgary reached the blowout site on November 4.

It can be mentioned here that the well had been spewing gas since May 27 and subsequently it caught fire on June 9.

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