Baghjan Gas Well doused after 172 days of long struggle

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Oil India Limited (OIL) on Sunday, November 15 announced that the Baghjan Gas Oil Well has been successfully doused after 172 days of long struggle.

The Baghjan Oil Well suffered a blowout on May 27 which later caught fire on June 9. The incident also claimed two lives including two firefighters and one engineer.

In a statement, the natural gas liquids company said that the fire has been doused and the well has been killed with brime solution.

“Baghjan blowout well successfully killed. Well has been killed with brine solution and under control now. Fire doused completely. There’s no pressure in well now & the same will be observed for 24 hours. The further operation to abandon the well is in progress,” the Oil India statement reads, as reported by media.

The fire had continued unabated for weeks in the gas before it was brought under control by the company with the help of foreign experts.

OIL tweeted that the situation is under control, adding that currently there is no pressure in well and the same will be observed for the next 24 hours. The company further stated that operation to abandon the well is in progress.

According to media, the Director (Exploration & Development) Director (Operations) and Resident Chief Executive visited the well site and had detailed discussions with Experts from the Alert and OIL team.

Meanwhile, a National Green Tribunal (NGT) panel had earlier concluded that the company was operating the natural gas well without required permissions, recommending legal action against OIL and its officials.

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