‘Cycle Chalao Tawang’: Tawang Riders Club Comes Up With Its First Cycle Racing Event

‘Cycle Chalao Tawang’, a mountain biking event that highlights health, sustainability, adventure and sportsmanship will commence the Tawang Riders Club’s first cycle racing event in Tawang from the 18th to the 23rd of November.

Over 100 cyclists from all over the North Eastern India are reckoning participants to this six day long landmark event fabricated by four mountain biking enthusiasts from assorted walks of life; Dr. Sangey Thinley, Dr. Dukhum Magu, Adv. Pema Chowang and Er. Kani Kago.

Since the birth of the club i.e, 29.05.2020, while resolving to create a niche for cycling in Tawang, it has also actively engaged in rallies calling attention to significance of recognized days such as a ‘No Tobacco Campaign’ on the World Tobacco day, a plantation drive on the World Environment Day, conveying the community about reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease under ‘Pedal your way to better health’ on the World Heart Day and acknowledging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s urge for ‘Fit India Movement’ with a campaign around the township of Tawang on Gandhi Jayanti.

The Club’s annual event; Cycle Chalao Tawang, sponsored by Hon’ble Chief Minister Pema Khandu, envisages to bring together a jamboree for cyclists of all ages and kinds to compete in races or, go on scenic joy rides in the picturesque landscape of the town.

Aligning to the dictums such as “Think Green, Ride a Bike” and “Say No to trails on the resilient mountains of Tawang with a parallel effort to motivate individuals, families and communities to opt to a healthy lifestyle and adopt sustainable and green alternatives.

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