India Deny Pakistan ‘Terror’ Allegations

New Delhi denied Pakistan’s accusations that India was funding “terror” groups and training them on Afghan soil.

The denial came a day after Islamabad said it had gathered “irrefutable” evidence, which it plans to present to the UN, of Indian involvement in “terrorist” activities impacting Pakistan.

“We expect the international community to force India to end its terrorism & bring to justice those responsible for killing thousands of innocent people in Pakistan,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Twitter.

A statement from Pakistan’s military said India was “training, harbouring and launching… terrorists into Pakistan,” from 87 training camps — 66 in Afghanistan and 21 in India.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s foreign ministry denied the claim.

“The Afghan government explicitly declares that Afghanistan has been the main victim of terrorism in the world, and we are committed to the policy of combating all forms of terrorism,” the Afghan statement read.

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