Meghalaya Confederation of Academic Welfare Seeks Removal of NEHU VC

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The Meghalaya Confederation of Academic Welfare (MCAW) has sought the immediate removal of the NEHU vice chancellor, Prof SK Srivastava for allegedly failing in all fronts and demanded that a local indigenous professor be appointed in place.

MCAW is a forum comprising various civil society groups like Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organisations (CoMSO), teachers under the banner of MeTTA and student bodies like Kiang Nangbah Govt.College Students’ Union.

The forum during its meeting held on Wednesday also elected the CoMSO secretary, Roykupar Synrem as its convener and Nickman Ch Marak as co-convener.

Synrem said under the totally irresponsible and failed leadership of Prof Srivastava, NEHU has plummeted deep into a bottomless pit of decay, stalemate, insensitivity and all round failure in all fronts.

He said since 2015, scamsters, wheeler dealers and sycophants have taken over the high mantle of NEHU and have set in a regimen of mediocrity, inefficiency and intransparency to the utter detriment of students, the larger society, teachers and every section of society of Meghalaya and North Eastern region.

“Given this, the civil society is compelled to ask for removal of Prof Srivastava and his team of irresponsible cronies so that NEHU can rise up again,” Synrem said while demanding that in no way Prof Srivastava and his cronies be considered for any reappointment.

The forum has also demanded immediate investigation by competent authorities into the academic, financial and administrative acts of Prof Srivastava.

Synrem said the forum highly suggests the need for sound leadership from well qualified professors from local matrilineal society or any other homegrown high achiever to restore normalcy and academic harmony, collegiality and excellence back in NEHU.

The forum also demanded the completion of the VC selection process without delay and a qualified local tribal professor in line with local cultural ethos be appointed, he said.

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