Twitter Issues Written Apology Over Showing Ladakh in China

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The micro-blogging site Twitter has issued a written apology in form of an affidavit signed by Damien Karien, Chief Privacy Officer of Twitter, to the Parliamentary Committee over the Ladakh map error that showed the Union Territory in China.

Twitter has said that the errors will be rectified by November 30.

Appearing before the panel, chaired by Lekhi, representatives of Twitter India had “begged apology”, but they were told by the members that it was a criminal offence that questioned the sovereignty of the country and an affidavit must be submitted by Twitter Inc, not by its ‘marketing arm’ Twitter India

“Twitter has now given us a written apology on an affidavit for Ladakh being shown in China,” Lekhi said.

On October 28, Twitter’s India representatives were questioned for more than two hours by the panel members, mainly on Ladakh being shown as part of China on the Twitter app.

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