Baby Elephant Tries to Hide Behind Pole After Being Caught Eating Sugarcane

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A baby elephant is melting hearts online with his innocence when it tried to hide itself behind an electric pole after getting caught red-handed munching on sugarcane in a field. The adorable picture is breaking the internet and has now become fodder for memes as well.

The hilarious photo was originally shared on Facebook by a user who jokingly wrote in a caption (translated from Thai): “Keep calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.”

The cheeky calf was caught in his act by some locals in Chiang Mai, a mountainous region located in northern Thailand. When a few passersby threw light on his crime, the embarrassed baby elephant attempted to hide behind an electric pole.

The photograph showed the animal standing perfectly still, hoping it would not be spotted against the pitch dark background.

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