Sikkim now has 3rd Highest COVID Fatality Rate in India

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Sikkim which had not registered a single case of Covid-19 till a couple of months ago, presently has the third-highest case fatality rate in the country.

In Sikkim, as many as 95 people have been killed due to the virus — 85 were above the age of 55 and suffered from comorbidities. That is about 92.3 per cent of the cases.

According to the state’s health experts, the number of symptomatic cases in Sikkim is also on the rise.

To date, the Northeast Indian State has reported 4,577 cases of the virus — a tame number compared to the rest of the country.

However, what is truly concerning is the state’s Case Fatality Rate, which has surged to 2.07 percent on Thursday. India’s average CFR stands at 1.47 per cent.

This surge in CFR is especially concerning since the active cases in the state with a population of just 6.11 lakh, according to census data, has remained low.

As of Thursday, health ministry data indicated that there are 300 active cases in Sikkim and 95 people have died from the virus.

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