Assam: Man Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

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A dead body has been recovered under mysterious circumstances from under the bridge of the Bonda-Birkuchi Road in Guwahati, Assam.

According to reports, the deceased have been identified as Raj Roy, son of Shukdeo Roy, was found dead in the waters below the bridge.

Meanwhile, locals alleged that anti-social activities as the root cause of the death.

Further they stated that the area surrounding Bonda-Birckuchi have witnessed increasing instances of alcohol, gambling, and drugs.

Police after the initial investigation, has revealed that alcohol was the cause for the death.

Refuting to the claims made by the locals, the police said that if anti-social activities to be root cause, we would have been informed by the locals much earlier.

“The boy was indulging in alcohol consumption and might have fallen from the bridge”, stated a police official.

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