Nagaland: Sokhriezie Park, Market And Waste Disposal Vehicle Inaugurated

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The Minister of Rural Development, Metsubo Jamir inaugurated the Sokhriezie Park at Kohima on 4th December 2020 at Kohima in Nagaland

He expressed happiness at the completion of the park and expressed his gratitude to the T Khel members for their generosity so that various developmental activities could be taken up.

The Minister stressed on the various hurdles faced in the development of Kohima town and suggested proper planning in the development of the town. He said that mental development and infrastructure development should go side by side. Jamir added that all developmental activities must strive for sustainability so as to secure the future of future generations.

Chairman T. Khel Thepfuvilie Suohu mentioned that the park was a long-cherished dream plan to preserve, beautify and contribute to the people of Nagaland and with the intervention of the Rural Development department this structure and design could be completed. Shohu on behalf of the elders blessed and wished this foundation a fruitful beginning.

On the sidelines of the event, the special guest also inaugurated the Waste Disposal Vehicle and Sokhriezie Market. 

‘Sokhriezie, ‘a centrally located lake in Kohima is popular for its utility. In the days of yore, water from this lake was salty in nature (commonly called Keziedzii-iodine salt). This salt was available in abundance in this lake. Hence this special salt water was collected and used in cooking for the community’s guests and beloved friends in those days.

It is also said that the khel community used to observe “genna” every year by bringing an unblemished and healthy cock to this lake (Sokhriezie) invoking blessings for good fortune and health upon the Tsutuonuomia clan. Etymologically, the word Sokhriezie derived from the words ‘Sokhrie’ meaning ‘beloved guests’ and ‘zie’ means ‘lake.’ It was named as such because the water of this lake was reserved only for special people- Khel’s guests and beloved friends. As a matter of fact, Sokhriezie was and is still a very important place for Tsutuonuomia Khel in varied ways. History proves that ancestors attached great importance to this place and had protected this historical lake with great care.


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