Narcotics Worth Rs 165 Crore Seized in Manipur

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In one of the biggest haul of drugs in Northeast, Assam rifles seized drugs worth over Rs 165 crores from Moreh and Tengnuopal district in Manipur.

The operation was executed by a team comprising of Assam Rifles troops, Manipur Police and NCB officials and the arrest took place during a raid at two locations in the border town of Moreh.

The raid was a well planned and orchestrated operation based on hard intelligence. It not only unearthed a large haul of narcotics and contraband it also seized a foreign-made pistol, a gun with ammunition.

According to reports, a combined team of security forces conducted the raid and apprehended six drugs traffickers, including two Myanmar nationals.

Manipur shares 398 km of its border with Myanmar. The state is used as a transit by smugglers to traffic drugs, humans, arms among others taking advantage of the porous border.

Earlier last month, the Assam Rifles seized a large consignment of contraband items in the town Moreh, which was being smuggled across the border from Myanmar.

About 1.3 lakhs WIY tablets in 13 large packets worth Rs 6.5 crores were recovered from an individual trying to cross the border from the Myanmar side. Security forces managed to get hold of the perpetrator after a brief chase.

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