Former Sikkim CM Pawan Chamling Asserts ‘People Decides who Wins Election’

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Dismissing any belief that a ruling party after losing elections in Sikkim cannot make a comeback, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling said that it is the people who decides who will win election.

Chamling had been asked in his weekly question and answer session, as per a SDF release today, on the saying that a political party never comes back to power again after losing an election in Sikkim.

“This cheap saying is simply a tool used by those who are interested in protecting their power to ensure they remain unchallenged – nothing more. There is no scientific and well-studied basis to back up such a saying. Such a saying also seems to insert an undemocratic idea into the thought of the State thus undermining the power of the people,” said the SDF president in response.

Chamling pointed out other States and at the Centre where the national and regional parties have returned to power regularly. Without having to look too far, we have an example right at home where a leader – Late Nar Bahadur Bhandari – was elected for the second time, having lost after being elected the first time, he shared.

“But the saying that a party, once having lost an election in Sikkim will never form the government again is simply just a baseless and illogical saying. There is no proof for this and it is only natural that sometimes a party loses the election and at other times, they are voted back to power. Governments come and go. In the end, it is the people who decide whether a certain party is entrusted with the responsibility of representing the will of the people or not.”

“Some also say that the SDF party is old. Is a political party ever old? Political parties that have stood the test of time are not old, they are institutions. To those who say that the SDF is old, I would like to also ask them – is political science old too?” Chamling countered.

“In the end, it’s up to the people to decide who wins and who loses the election. So, there is no need for the likes of Nostradamus or Marie Anne Lenormand in Sikkim to predict whether a party once voted out of power will form the government or not. For politics is a science – not a game of fortune-telling. Several irresponsible elements in our society bank on lies and unhealthy debate to protect their interests. If we indulge in such lies and deceit, how will our society progress? We must instead engage in healthy debate and constructive criticism so that we hold the powerful in check and also build a forward looking and aware society,” said the SDF president.

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