10 Important 2020 Fitness Lessons

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Anuraag Jaiswar

Finally, the last month of the most controversial and troublesome year of our life is here. I’m hoping that things get better in the coming year but can’t deny that 2020 has ruined things right from our financial stability to our health to a lot of extent. But surely it has also left us with some hard-learned lessons. So, this being the last month of the wonderful year (sarcastically), instead of giving away any new information, I’ve decided to rewind the time and recall some important realisations (from the health & fitness perspective of course) that 2020 has taught us…

  1. Exercise is important.

Well, do I need to explain this? Okay. To recall, apart from keeping us strong and allowing proper absorption of nutrients in the body, exercise conditions our metabolic processes by boosting our hormones and functions of our body. Also, it keeps a lot of problems at bay (including severe joint wear & tears) usually caused by weakened muscles.

  1. You do not need a specific confined space to stay fit.

The lockdown has proved it and most of you have experienced it. The gym is beautiful in many ways but you do not really need it for your fitness goals. You can literally workout anywhere for cardio-vascular health, respiratory health, metabolic conditioning, fat loss, etc.  You name it! Yes, you might not want it but that’s a different thing.

  1. Right nutrition is a life saver.

We all know what I’m talking about here. Remember the immunity supplements? Unless suffering from a clinical condition where high doses of a Vitamin or mineral is required, the requirement of the body for such can be fulfilled through our general diet. So in other terms, until the nutritional requirements of your body is reached, the chances of any pathology are comparatively lesser.

  1. A careless lifestyle can be fatal.

We would often find someone advising us on controlling our alcohol intake, to avoid other toxic substances and to eat right. But rarely do we see the extremities of a toxic lifestyle like we did this year. COVID did serious damages to people who weren’t functioning well in the first place. And we definitely do not want to see or be a part of such things again.

  1. Good health is a priority not an option.

Hashtag healthy healthy…that’s how health is commonly treated like it is some sort of a leisure thing. Well, I believe that perspective has changed now for many. And if anybody’s waiting for more examples on why to emphasize on health and fitness…no comments there!

  1. Maintaining a sound health is not as expensive as portrayed.

There are different fitness goals for different people. And some particular diets may come expensive. But to saturate the body and mind with sufficient nutrients isn’t much of a task. The lockdown has taught us to use our resources in a more efficient manner fulfilling our requirements in the process.

  1. A healthy social life is important to mental health.

Haven’t we realised it already? Fitness according to me is not only physical. I prefer to consider each and every aspect connected directly or indirectly to our well-being. So, maybe we should criticize our social nature as a human a bit less and start appreciating it a little more.

  1. Mental health should not be ignored.

It is sensitive. It must be given the attention it needs. Period. The edges, intensity, ferocity and the consequences of ignoring mental health, not discussing it and hiding it has been seen and felt by most of us and it needs to be dealt with immediately by paying the heed it deserves. It’s time that we stop considering it as a taboo and start talking about it like matured adults more frequently.

  1. Self-awareness can do wonders.

We would suffer way less only if we were a bit self-aware of what benefits us and what deteriorates our health and fitness so that at least we could keep a check on both aspects. Living a perfect life can be difficult for most people, even me, but knowing the necessary amount of information can at least protect us from uncertain events caused by our own uncontrolled behaviour.

  1. Staying even partially loyal to our new year resolutions might be enough in a wider prospect.

Lastly, do you remember your new year resolutions you made this year? Do they sound anything like one or more of the points we just discussed? You see no matter what fitness goals you take up, the ultimate goal is always the same and that simple; getting better with each passing day. So always remember, staying as close to your goal as possible would still help in many other ways as well.

The writer is a certified fitness expert. Having worked with brands like Talwalkers and Golds Gym, at present he is the Strength and Conditioning Coach & Nutrition Consultant of Guwahati City Football Club.


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