Man Spent 8 Months Extra in Jail as his Middle Name Was Missing in Bail Order

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In a bizarre incident, a man from Uttar Pradesh had to spend eight extra months in jail despite the court granting him bail.

According to reports, the victims middle name ‘Kumar’ was not mentioned in the bail order.

The name in the remand sheet was Vinod Kumar Baruaar, while the court order said it was Vinod Baruaar.

The jail superintendent kept him in illegal confinement for eight months just due to this error.

Vinod had filed a bail application and on April 9, his release was ordered by the high court.

The court learned of this when he applied for a correction of his name.

The court ordered the jail superintendent to appear and explain why no action should be taken against him.

Jail superintendent Rakesh Singh appeared and said the man had been released on December 8.

“This court has perused the affidavit filed by the jail superintendent. The explanation furnished for non-compliance of this court’s order, and, in consequence, delaying release of the applicant is reluctantly accepted,” Justice J.J. Munir said.

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