Tripura Student Open LED Bulb Factory, Provides Job Amid Pandemic

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A second-year student pursuing Honours in English, Rohit Bhattacharjee has opened an LED bulb manufacturing factory that employs eight people in Tripura.

a 22-year-old college-goer in Tripura said the idea of opening a factory hit him after he ran into a problem with a dysfunctional LED bulb at his home in March.

He bought punching machine, cap fitting machine along with some raw materials for LED bulb to start his business. He used a 12×24 room at Dharmanagar for his LED bulb manufacturing unit. The room is his parents’ ancestral asset.

Gradually, he started becoming confident of his business with getting orders from the local retailers. Above all, he started employing people during the crucial time of Covid-19 lockdown. Currently, eight persons including seven skilled labour, electricians and one manager are engaged with his project. Of them, two are women.

Among the employees, three joined his project after losing their jobs in Bangalore.

“We manufacture 600-700 LED bulbs per day and each LED bulb costs Rs.65. Each worker prepares at least 100 bulbs a day and they get Rs. 4 for each bulb. After Dharmanagar, retailers from Panisagar in North district, Kailasahar and Kumarghat in Unakoti district and Agartala started placing orders from my unit,” he said and expressed his hope that his unit could generate more employment opportunities in future.

His employees earn Rs. 12,000-15,000 per month from the project.

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