What lies ahead of the Democrats: Hopes or Challenges?

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The 2020 US Election was one of the dramatic affairs that the world has witnessed. President-elect Joe Biden swept the election with a majority, while the incumbent President Donald Trump was busy making baseless claims against Biden over election fraud. Biden who will be joining the White House in January has a lot of clutter to be cleared. Americans along with the world are hopeful of his leadership, however, with four years of Trump’s mismanagement, it would be crucial to see whether he stands up to the expectations or it becomes a mere burden on him. Mumeninaz Zaman writes

Contrasting leaders

77-year-old Biden will be the 46th President of America. The veteran Democratic politician after several news outlets projected him as the winner pledged that he would act as a unifier and not as a divider. “I pledge to be a president who does not see red or blue states, but the United States,” Biden said to his supporters. He further added that “This is the time to heal America. Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end, here and now.” Biden who was mostly seen with his mask on even during campaign trails talked about unity and inclusiveness whilst removing systemic racism, fighting COVID-19 and rebuilding the economy.

On the contrary, the Republican incumbent President Trump who was known for his divisive policies had to taste the dust. His promise to “Make America Great Again”, could not lure voters as they believed that he was not the right man to lead the country forward.

Trump, a businessman and former reality television star faced with three crises in his last term and ahead of the US Elections that have left bared the competency level of the leader. Mounting coronavirus infections and deaths, the ensuing economic collapse and protests against police killings of Black Americans. While the crises could have been used as an opportunity to unite people ahead of the elections, but he remained stuck to his divisive brand and mocked those who disagree with him.

In the case of the winning team, Biden’s preference to choose Kamala Harris as his vice-president has made history in myriad ways by becoming the first woman – and the first woman of colour – to occupy the office.

The priorities of the Biden-Harris administration will be those neglected by the incumbent president, “We aren’t just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is our opportunity to build back better than ever,” said the Biden-Harris transition team, giving details of the priorities for the next administration, which has resorted to rebuilding the diverse nation.

What lies ahead of Biden?

The United States is a diverse country, racially and ethnically. After four tumultuous years of the Trump administration, the Democrats came as a sigh of relief for the people in the States. Over the years under the Trump administration, America has seen a sea of change in terms of restrictive immigration policies, destructive environmental choices, and isolationist approaches to matters of global concern. However, as Biden-Harris took over it seems the air will change for the better.

During the election campaign, some of the major changes that the Democrat party is prioritized is not just to rebuild what has worked in the past but they consider it as an opportunity to build back better than ever. Some of the challenges that have been on the bucket list of the newly elected duo are confronting the pandemic followed by an economic crisis, they also called for racial justice and work on climate change.

Analysts consider it to be a herculean task, as a lot has changed since Biden was last in the White House as former President Barack Obama’s Vice President. Apart from the mismanagement that Trump has leftover, the Democrats will also have to mend ties with its allies that have been disrupted over the years.

Unlike Trump, Biden affirmed to take advice from experts and follow science, in his fight against the pandemic. Nevertheless, the raging pandemic with no signs of abating could be a major challenge for his administration.

COVID-19 has left millions of Americans unemployed or on the poverty line. Even though Biden has announced a slew of measures to get the economy of the nation back on track, it would be crucial to see how the administration will deliver.

Trump’s administration has been more of an isolationist in terms of global concern, which has diminished and dispirited America’s relation abroad because of the ill-conceived “America-first” policy. Albeit Trump who championed the policy didn’t mean complete isolation, however, there were several instances where his administration was isolated.

Some of Trump’s decision that has left its allies on the split are to quit a global climate accord(Paris Climate Accord) in 2017, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and and relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, leave the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA), known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, challenge sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and leave the U.N. Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization, claiming that it had protected China while the coronavirus outbreak there spread to other countries to become a pandemic.

On the contrary, Biden had vowed to rejoin the nuclear deal if Iran returns to compliance, return to the climate accord, abandon plans to leave the WHO, and end a U.S. rule that bans funding of aid groups that discuss abortion. Biden will continue to maintain a tough line with China, although in a more constructive way.

World leaders like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, China’s President Xi Jinping, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and others have been on sour terms with America. Biden promises to be different, to reverse some of Trump’s more controversial policies, and to work more closely with America’s allies.

Analysts discuss that after four years, the Democrats coming to power could be beneficial who is now expected to re-engage with the world and with global institutions. However, the reshuffle in the policies could be a major challenge for Biden in terms of credibility and reliability.



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