PM Modi Appreciates Efforts for Animal Conservation

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday praised the efforts undertaken by the government towards conservation of animals after the “Status of Leopard in India” report was released. The report recorded a rise in the population of leopards in the country.

“Great news! After lions and tigers, the leopard population increases. Congratulations to all those who are working towards animal conservation. We have to keep up these efforts and ensure our animals live in safe habitats,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

The Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change released the status of Leopard on Monday. As per the Ministry, India’s population of leopards has gone up 60 per cent and the country now has 12,852 leopards.

“India now has 12,852 leopards as compared to the previous estimate of 7910 conducted 2014. More than 60 per cent increase in population has been recorded. The States of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra recorded the highest leopard estimates at 3,421; 1,783 and 1,690 respectively”, an official release added.



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