Band ‘Ryndia’ Created to Promote Local Weavers in Meghalaya

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To promote Mulberry silk production in Meghalaya, the department of textiles has set up Sericulture farms, reeling and weaving Centres.

Meanwhile, brand ‘Ryndia’ was created to promote local weavers & showcase their beautiful crafted products.

Ryndia, a rare silk from north-east India, has thermal properties that make it unique.

Ryndia silk is extracted when the Niang Ryndia hatches its worms. Reared across the state, the silkworm is fed with barynda, which makes for its main food, other than the plants it feeds on.

Meghalay CM Cornad Sangma on his Twitter handle wrote, “To promote #MulberrySilk production in #Meghalaya, the @deptoftextiles has set up Sericulture Farms, Reeling & Weaving Centres. The brand ‘Ryndia’ was created to promote local weavers & showcase their beautiful crafted products. Let us be #VocalForLocal.”

After the worm has disposed off its bodily waste, it climbs back up to begin the process of shedding its cocoon. It is the completion of this natural cycle that the locals wait for, before they begin picking the cocoon to process it into a yarn.

Weaving it is a means of livelihood for local communities, and designing with it is bringing Ryndia on global runways.

In Meghalaya, members of the Ri-Bhoi community hold much value for their Niang Ryndia or eri silkworm from which they organically produce the Ryndia silk.
Rather popular in this north-eastern state, the rare silk, occupies a special place in the hearts, homes, and workstations of the locals. Over the years, spinning and weaving yarn made from the silk, has helped many from the community to sustain themselves economically, and brought the various members, closer.

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