Newborn Baby’s Chopped Leg Found in Meherpur, Silchar


Leg of a newborn baby found on Shivalik Park Meherpur, Silchar. The resident of Shivalik park saw a dog was running with a chopped human leg in Silchar.

The locals start screaming at the dog and it dropped the leg and run away. The locals immediately called the local police and informed about the brutal incident.

The police recovered the leg and sent it to the Silchar Medical College for the postmortem.  “Since the chopped piece of the leg was carried by the dog it is a very difficult and challenging task to trace the main source,” police added.

Also, it will be a huge challenge to find the remaining part of the newborn baby’’ Said by the Rangirkhari police. The police have started the investigation and trying their level best to solve the case as soon as possible. On the other hand, the locals are putting pressure on police to solve the case soon.

Police are trying to finding out if there is any missing complain of any newborn baby in the last few days so that it would be easy for them to solve the case as soon as possible.

The police station and in-charge  PK Deka said ‘’ Silchar Medical College and hospital is not that far away from Shivalik park. So we need to check if the dog entered the morgue and run away with the chopped piece of leg. We are also investigating if any clue we could find to search the remaining part of the body.’’

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