Give BJP 5 More Years & Will Make Assam Flood-Free: Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah urged people to give five more years to BJP to make the Assam free from flood.

Addressing a rally in poll-bound Assam’s Nalbari said, “A flood of development came here. Hospitals, new roads, colleges are being constructed. Industries are being set-up here. In the coming days, Only BJP can solve the biggest problem of Assam — floods. We have made Assam free from bullets and agitations. Give five years more to BJP and we will make Assam free from flood too”.

Taking a jibe at the Congress party, Amit Shah said that Congress cannot stop infiltrators in Assam as they are its vote bank.

“Can Congress and Badruddin Ajmal stop infiltrators in Assam? They will allow infiltrators since it is their vote bank. Only the Narendra Modi-led BJP government can free Assam from infiltrators,” he said.

“Many times, the Congress has accused the BJP of being communal, while the Congress is with the Muslim League in Kerala and is in alliance with Badruddin Ajmal in Assam. In which direction will the Congress take Assam? I want to ask the people who were in power for years, what you did for Assam’s culture? What did you do for the development of Assam?” he added.

Earlier today, the Union Minister aattended the one-year celebration of the signing of the historic Bodo Peace Accord at Green Field in Kokrajhar.

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