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Anuraag Jaiswar

And just like that another year ended giving way to yet another opportunity to get hold of our lives for better after having learned a lot of hard lessons; another ray of hope to hold on to; another New Year! And with it comes the time of taking up resolutions where the struggle would be real but not new.

A lot about fitness resolution has been discussed. However, let us rather focus on the weak links that hinder the process.

The Diet Disaster

You see talking about this diet thing never gets old because as I see around, it makes my heart cry. People treat “dieting” like it is some sort of a reality show task which demands to put their soul in their hands! One question, Why??? And I never understood how eating right got separated from eating good! I often see that whenever one tries to eat healthy, they manage to turn it so lifeless that they start hating their fitness goals. Again, just why? Stop listening to various fitness gurus and dedicate your energy and focus on one good and knowledgeable professional of your choice and stay consistent. And, every nutritionist may not be a pro in their cooking skills so that’s where you both can work together. Discuss the ingredients and portions, figure out recipes and then go with it!

Workout Type & Intensity

Now note this carefully. When you are on a carbohydrate based diet, you must decide your workout plans a bit more carefully to meet your goals. To be more precise, if your goal is muscle gain and you workout for hours irrespective of suitable pre, post and intra-workout nutrition, you are not going to gain any muscle. Even if your case is a fat-loss, you cannot exceed your time and intensity more than necessary because your body will turn catabolic and it will hamper the metabolic processes just enough to make it easier for you to not reach your goals anytime sooner. However, things are a bit different and a lot more interesting when you are on a fat based diet which is also going to be the topic of my next article!

Effort vs Expectations

The definition of “effort” in our dictionaries needs a check according to me. People try hard, they really do, no sarcasm here. But it is the direction of their efforts where things go wrong. The approach to fitness has gotten very scientific in the present time and it is no more led by assumptions. Fitness professionals are very highly educated in their area of operations these days. My point is- not opting for professional support and banging the head against the wall for trial and error and depending on your luck for results makes no sense at present especially when the services have become so affordable and more easily accessible now.


Finally, when you place your cards well, staying consistent becomes less of a challenge even if it’s December. Yes, as easy as it sounds. The only thing that would be challenging is to decide if you’re really up for it, to make the necessary changes and if you’re ready to become the person you dream to be. And by changes, I do not mean boiled veggies. Ah, I just cannot help the philosophical me taking over (laughs)! But, to be honest, that is how it is.

Keep a note

Get a plan, period! This time a smarter one. List down where exactly it failed previously. Whether it was the dishes that turned you off or the type of workout you were involved in… Trust me on this, notes help. And for the sake of not getting any wrong ideas about health and fitness, do get some professional help and ease the struggle for good. Happy New Year!

The writer is a certified fitness expert. Having worked with brands like Talwalkers and Golds Gym, at present he is the Strength and Conditioning Coach & Nutrition Consultant of Guwahati City Football Club.

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