Manipur Govt to Legalize Country Liquor


In a bid to legalise making and selling of country-made liquor in Manipur, the state government has started inspecting distilled indigenous country (DIC) liquor.

A select committee, formed under the chairmanship of Deputy CM Joykumar, inspected two DIC manufacturer units at Sekmai Awang Leikai and Phayeng in Imphal West on Wednesday.

The Deputy CM spoke to media and said that the team inspected the DIC manufacturer units to see if the manufacturing process and premises as well. The team checked if the local liquors were clean and not toxic as well as to form an opinion.

The Deputy CM added that DIC liquors form an integral part of Manipuri customs and traditions, as well as serve as a source of income for the local people. He further added that every household in Sekmai and Phayeng has a distillery of their own. He said that despite the manufacture of DIC liquor, foreign made alcohol is being imported and consumed in the state.

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