Agra College ‘Circular’ Asks Girls to get Boyfriend by Valentine’s Day! Notification Breaks Social Media

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Principal of St John’s College in Agra has lodged a complaint with the police here after an allegedly fake circular went viral on social media, asking the girl students to secure at least one boyfriend before Valentine’s Day.

The ‘circular’ was issued on the supposed letterhead of St John’s College and stated that it was mandatory for all girls to have at least one boyfriend by February 14 for security purposes.

The circular adds that single girls would not be allowed in the college. It also asks girl students to show a recent picture with their boyfriend.

The issuing ‘authority’ is said to be “Prof Ashish Sharma, associate dean (Academic Affairs)”.

Professor S.P. Singh said that there is no faculty member named Ashish Sharma in the college.

Singh said, “It is totally mischievous act, aimed to maligning the image of the college and those responsible for this, would be dealt with seriously. We have informed the Hari Parvat police station for required action against the guilty.”

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