Pop Star Rihanna was Paid to Tweet in Favour of Farmer Protests


Pop star Rihanna, whose single tweet catapulted the months-long farmers’ protest into the global spotlight, was allegedly paid $2.5 million (Rs 18 crore) by a Public Relations firm with alleged Khalistani links, The Print reported.

Mo Dhaliwal, the founder of the Canada-based Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) that also created the controversial ‘toolkit’ tweeted by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, is one of the Directors of the PR firm in question – Skyrocket.

Others linked to Skyrocket include Marina Patterson, a PR professional who is currently on the radar of Indian agencies for stoking the farmers’ agitation, Anita Lal, director of the Canada-based World Sikh Organisation, and co-founder of PJF, and Canadian parliamentarian Jagmeet Singh.

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