Forever Guwahati: The Ultimate Quick Guide to Guwahati

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Often known as the gateway to Northeast, Guwahati is one such city that boasts of an interesting history, scenic beauty and many modern day miracles. The city even found a place in the chronicles of the great Chinese traveler Hueng Tsang. However, some of the enchanting tales of the city are yet to be known to many.

To provide a fulfilling insight of the city, Dr. M Angamuthu, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, GMDA;  conceived the idea of a coffee table book. Published in 2014 by Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority and authored by Samudra Gupta Kashyap and Rahul Karmakar, the book Forever Guwahati can now be considered as an easy to read but ultimate quick guide to Guwahati.

The book was designed followed by several brainstorming sessions, data and fact collection and the result is worth a read. The content curated has been presented in crisp but informative manner which make it easier for readers to comprehend the place in a short period of time. The book gives information about the most relevant aspects of the city including the time before the british period to arts, sports and even trivia.

Whether it is a tourist looking for places to explore or a local seeking more insight on the city, Forever Guwahati will beautifully cater to their respective needs. Along with information, each category has striking photographs providing a visual treat to the readers.

The coffee table book is a brilliant attempt to throw light on the lesser known and interesting facts about the city. Because of the diversity of information, this book can be enjoyed by anyone as there is something for everyone in Forever Guwahati.

To download and begin your insightful tour to Guwahati via Forever Guwahati, click here.

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