Khiriki: A Tale to be Told


Every song has a story to tell.. don’t you think?

One such song is ‘Khiriki’ (Window) by Shankuraj Konwar and Sarmistha Chakravorty from Assam. The song features Neetali Das as the protagonist who was widely appreciated for her interesting role in the movie ‘Aamis’. Das plays the character of Jhiri who is dealing with heartbreak after the person she loved chose someone else over her.

Neetali Das

Everyone of us has perhaps gone through the rough patch of heartbreak at some point of our lives. Hence the cinematography of the song by Nitish Kashyap and Chinmoy Roy was deliberately done in a raw manner to make it more relatable to people. Rather than a larger than life portrayal, the team wanted to give a closer to life experience. Directed by Neel the playback vividly portrays the emotions, anxiety, the thirst, the solitude one experiences and how one deals with it.

Speaking to Northeast Today, Neetali Das revealed that as an actor she is more satisfied with her acting in ‘Khiriki’ than any of her previous works. “It was really challenging to tell a story without saying a single word. Also, working with this young team was a wonderful and memorable experience for me. It is not just a music video, it’s a short musical narrative which is a different format we tried to bring to the mainstream and the making of it the result of unique creativity exhibited by some young minds”.

Within a few of the release, ‘Khiriki’ has been successful in garnering appreciation from people on social media platforms. Appreciating the work artist Tarali Sharma said ,  “Sometimes you are in a mid of a crisis.. you have no one to talk to,  no one to share what you feel, you are left all alone in the cold, rejected, dejected, hurt, broken.. love hits you hard..and you can’t find a reason to live !! Yet admist the chaos inside, you try to rise slowly, you try to find a way from darkness to light and hope !!”.

Commenting on Neetali Das’s acting Sharma said, “Neetali how beautifully you portray that !! Its not the look but the turmoil within that you portrayed so convincingly.It was not you but the character which we saw !! I am sure there will be so many people wanting to work with you after this. Congratulations everyone at PeerPal”.

Written by Sagar Saurabh, the lyrics of the song seem to take to a different world altogether yet acquainting one with the reality of life. The music production is done by Ambar Das and Shankuraj konwar himself and the mixing and mastering of the song is by Sumit Baruah. The editing credits goes to Hirak, sound design by Rinku Boro and production has been done by Chiranjib Borpatra. One of the interesting aspects of the playback is the cover which has been designed by Anuradha Duarah.

Speaking about the piece, another renowned singer Anindita Paul said that, “… this is a completely new approach in terms of making the video in such a manner….. Millie(Neetali Das) you excelled in every department right from your expression to your look. The makeup is so beautiful and subtle and it truly accentuated your character”. The skillful no makeup- makeup look was achieved by MUA Mamani Hazarika who tried her magical makeup skills for the first time for a film.

The success of the song lies in the team effort of the young minds who provided a splash of fresh air to the audience. Neetali Das’s acting is the perfect example of the fact that skilled actors can shine in no matter what scenario you provide them. The experimental playback is basically art for art’s sake as the intention of the team has never been to gain popularity, yet it has gained some much appreciation by renowned musicians actors, director singer and as well as critics which in itself is a huge success.

Further Das says, “good work often takes time to reach people. Khiriki is here to stay and live in the hearts of people”. Neetali Das was recently nominated for the category of Best Supporting Actor Female at the Prag Cine Awards.  Das who is open to challenging and experimental projects, has been engaged in several projects including Emuthi Puthi, Xunali Xuta where she will be seen in some pivotal roles.

After not working for about 7-8 months due to Covid, the team wanted to do something new. The innovation in itself can be clearly see in this playback.

With Khiriki, audience can clearly open the window to a to totally new perspective of looking at music videos and songs.


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