UP Convict Becomes 1st Woman to be Hanged Post Independence

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For the first time in the history of independent India, a woman prisoner will be hanged till death for a rare crime she was found guilty of.

Shabnam, who lives in Amroha, will be hanged to death in Uttar Pradesh’s only single female hangout in Mathura.

Preparations have started for this. Pawan Jallad of Meerut, who hanged Nirbhaya’s accused, has also inspected the hanging house twice.

However, the date of hanging is not fixed yet.

Significantly, in April 2008, Shabnam, brutally murdered seven of her family members with an axe, with the help of her lover.

In this case, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Shabnam. The President has also rejected her mercy petition. In case the authorities proceed with the hanging, Shabnam will be the first female prisoner to be hanged after Independence.

The first female hanging house was built in Mathura jail almost 150 years ago, but no woman has been hanged since Independence.

Who is Shabnam?

Shabnam would live with her family in Amroha. She was arrested on April 19, 2008, five days after the murders, along with Salim, her lover. She was seven weeks pregnant when she was arrested. She delivered a baby in December 2008. She has a double MA (English and Geography) and taught at the village primary school. Salim is a Class VI dropout who worked at a wood sawing unit outside Shabnam’s home.

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