Who is Shabnam Ali? The 1st Woman to be Hanged Post India’s Independence

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Shabnam and her lover Salim from Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district will be hanged together. On the other hand, after India attained independence, for the first time in the country a female criminal will be given the death sentence.

Who is Shabnam Ali?

Shabnam, the only daughter of Shaukat Ali, a teacher in village Bawankhedi in Hasanpur area of ​​Amroha district, had a love affair with Salim. Shabnam of the Sufi family did a double MA in English and Geography. Her family owned a lot of lands. At the same time, Salim was a fifth standard failure and was a labourer by profession. Therefore, family members were protesting about their relationship.

Shabnam, along with her boyfriend on the night of April 14, 2008, played such a bloody game that the whole country was shaken after hearing it. Shabnam first administered sedation to seven family members, including her parents and 10-month-old nephew. They were cut and killed with an axe.

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