Hacks to Cure Motion Sickness

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No doubt travelling is a pleasant experience. But, have you ever experienced an unpleasant feeling where you feel nauseous and dizzy while travelling in a car, bus, ship or train? If yes, then you are susceptible to Kinetosis. Also known as Motion sickness or Sea Sickness, Kinetosis is a condition where one feels sick and queasy in a moving vehicle. Kinetosis occurs as a result of the confusing signals received by the brain from the body and inner ears. Although it doesn’t sound very serious at first, it’s very debilitating and may have severe consequences. Moreover, it can prove to be a spoilt sport for your trips. So, here are some easy remedies to cure Kinetosis.

Trick your Brain: Fixing your gaze at a fixed point or the horizon, helps in curing motion sickness. This method lures the brain in believing that you are not in motion.

Grab a slice of Ginger: Ginger has always proved itself to be a wonder herb. Many studies have revealed that intake of ginger can help in lessening the queasiness. Having Ginger tea, ginger cookies or even sniffing a slice of ginger will be effective.

The perfect position: Always opt for the seat where you can experience less motion. In a car, go for the driver’s seat. If not, then take the seat next to it. If you are flying, then select a seat in front of the aircraft next to the wing. While travelling in water, choose a seat close to the centre point of the vessel.

Eat Light: Both an empty stomach or an extremely full one can be upsetting while travelling. An empty stomach will produce acidity and the latter will lead to nausea. Hence, go for light meals.

Treat the Chinese way: Acupressure is an old Chinese technique of pressing or massaging certain points in the body which are believed to have self-curative abilities. The points to cure Motion sickness are- Inside the forearm, two thumb-widths above the wrist crease and between the two tendons.

Take a Chill Pill: Music always does wonders. Close your eyes and listen to some good music. Lie back to your seat and take deep breathes. Try to divert your mind from the fact that you are on wheels.

If nothing works, Rush to a medical store: If none of the above mentioned tricks work then you probably need medication.

So, next time don’t take Kinetosis as your travel companion.



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