App To Empower Voters On Election Launched

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Keeping in mind the ensuing polls in Assam and a few other states, a mobile application named BolSubol was launched by Demokratika on Saturday.

The app will help the voters understand the elections better and provide them with relevant information and analysis on the political parties, candidates, performance etc.

BolSubol is a non-partisan mobile app that combines verifiable trustworthy data and micro blogging capabilities and it has the strength to communicate with any candidate from the comfort of their homes.

The mobile app will be useful for electors, political parties and people interested in their country’s economic growth and political choices to make fact-based decisions about voting.

The Bolsubol app can help a user understand many seemingly confusing results. One example is that how did BJP win more seats in 2019 when their vote share went down compared to 2019?

One look at the visualization in the app it will show that there was voter consolidation in the Barak Valley.

Barak Valley has a large number of Bengali Hindu and their consolidation helped BJP win two additional seats compared to 2014.

Further in its analysis, the app provides state-wise data which showcases that most younger voters who are between 18 and 40 years are depended on Digital Media (News channels on Mobile, News Apps & Election Apps) for information regarding elections.

Television is not the biggest source of news anymore. Instead, mobile-based channels, social media networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are the key sources of news.

Another interesting fact that came across was many younger voters want applications that are visually appealing, educated and understand the depth of their mandates.

They want applications with a lot of data so that they can analyze by themselves.

The App has all the economic and political information about all the constituencies in India for over 60 years on average.

“The App is all about voter empowerment. Government and politics impact every aspect of our lives. Having knowledge of politics, changes in economic and social conditions helps make us an informed voter,” said Demokratika director Sheshgiri.

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