BJP Spokesperson Jayanta Das ‘Revolts’ Against Party After Being Denied Dispur Ticket

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Annoyed after being denied an election ticket from the Dispur LAC in Kamrup (Metro), BJP spokesperson Jayanta Kumar Das on Monday said that he was surprised as to why and how the incumbent Dispur MLA Atul Bora got a ticket this time around.

“On a personal note, I can’t stand Atul Bora even for a second. Neither he is a good human being nor is he a good legislator,” Das said during an interview with a local news portal in Guwahati.

“He is proud of winning the previous Assembly polls by a massive margin, in fact, the highest ever in the state. However, he should remember that before that he lost the polls for 15 years on the trot,” Das added.

“When there is a positive wave, Atul Bora wins and whenever there are some turbulence and problems, he loses. He won in 1985 due to the Assam Agitation wave and in 2016 due to the Narendra Modi wave,” he further said.

Das, who has been associated with the BJP for over three decades, further said that he will declare his future course of actions on Tuesday.

“Mentally I have made my decision and if needed I may contest the election as an independent candidate. However, I will take a final call on this tomorrow, after discussing certain issues with some of my most trusted well-wishers,” he added.

Das also said that as several old BJP loyalists have been denied an election ticket, there has been a lot of rift within the party and many senior BJP workers are not happy.

He also said that several deserving candidates have been left out and this may act against the party.

“A party can only give us a ticket, however, it is the public who will vote and the people of Dispur LAC are against Atul Bora. In several places in the constituency, he was even bene greeted by ‘go back’ slogans,” Das further said.

“Once I met CM Sonowal and urged him to not give the Dispur ticket to Bora. The party can decide on any other good candidate if not me, but they should not give it to Bora. In the last five years, he has done nothing for developing the constituency. When the CM had asked to donate one month’s salary for the flood-affected last year, Bora expressed his inability and said he cannot donate. How can a person with such low mentality be a people’s representative?” Das questioned.

“I and many like me have been with the part from a time when people used to tease us for we were with BJP. And this is how the party has treated us today,” he bemoaned.

On being asked if he could be managed like Hojai MLA Shiladitya Dev, Das said, “Yes, I will be managed and it is very simple- give me the ticket from Dispur and reject Atul Bora’s candidature.”

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